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What is a Life Coach?

There are few certainties in life, but one truth remains absolute: everyone can make use of a little guidance.

In life when we step up to help someone, we foster community, compassion and connection. But when it’s our own time of need, where do we turn to find a non-judgemental, supportive listening ear? In the realm of wellness professionals, life coaches have a unique role and strategy in supporting your ability to identify and honor the best version of you.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach exists to help you formulate solutions through asking exploratory questions, unveiling new perspectives and insights that help you reveal your true passions and learn how to build a joy-filled life. Your role as a client is to stay open to the process, reveal your path and lead the way.

Part of your journey in discovering your motivations and values requires a level of conscious awareness. Taking a pause to notice the things that are serving you in your life- and removing whatever feels paralyzing. When you create time to apply the insights you’ve gathered from your coaching sessions, you will begin to notice that your new observations are facilitating positive growth and habits that reflect your goals and dreams.

By connecting with yourself, you are given the opportunity to garner internal resources during overwhelming obstacles - using yourself as a key participant in your own success. As you learn to strengthen your relationship with your human experience, you will revel in celebration of the steps you have taken towards becoming the authentic you.

Identify your limiting beliefs

While self awareness can keep us grounded and clarify our intention around goal setting, that alone won’t help you climb the mountain of personal development. In order to achieve your goals, you’re going to need a little help from conscious awareness.

A life coach will support you in uncovering the underlying truth behind your limiting beliefs. With a well-being catalyst life coach by your side, finding your spark for life will feel like traveling through a tunnel instead of stumbling your way through a dark cave. We must also acknowledge that coaching is all about centering the self. The great news is coaching is a unique experience tailored for each person. There is no “one size fits all” in coaching. It is self-directed by you and how you chose to direct your own destiny.

This is a key takeaway, as it means that your way is every bit as important as their (society, parental, community’s) way. At no time is achieving something meaningful impossible. With an open mind and an honest heart, taking accountability for your (sometimes) turbulent destination will look like honoring the commitment you’ve made to yourself.

A life coach does not present in the same way that your friends or family may. The support you will receive will vary and it will come directly from your own perception of what would be most helpful. As you dip your toe into vulnerability, remember that the only context I have is that you are a person capable of greatness. And simply showing up to have these conversations in the first place is an incredible feat.

As you bid imposter syndrome adieu, you deepen your personal authenticity and begin fresh ventures as you uncover what’s causing limitations. Ultimately, this enables the ability for you to identify your own areas for growth within your self-talk.

Maximizing your potential

It’s easy to speak about what we yearn to see from our own inner work, and much harder to identify the steps and stay on the path you’ll need to take to get there.

Having a professional on your team who’s time is dedicated to helping you remain hopeful, anticipatory and ready to take the plunge makes walking up the mountain that much easier. There is no one size fits all approach when experiencing grief, financial struggles or family turbulence. The one-on-one nature of life coaching offers each person a space within to gain clarity on core challenges that they’ve been experiencing.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

As a coaching client, you will reap the benefits of having consistent, unconditional reinforcement as you traverse your biggest hurdles.

Help you reach your personal goals

There are endless studies that support the notion that having a support person in your sphere will encourage and empower you. If your personal goals have felt unreachable, a set of fresh new eyes can help you approach those goals from a different perspective.

Maximize your potential in desired areas of your life

It is all too common for humans to feel blindsided by their circumstances, lack of resources and confidence in themselves. Everyone wants and deserves to reach their potential in a way that feels doable, but some people find themselves flooded with fear, judgment and at a loss of where to begin.

Productivity and progress

Goals are too easy to set and forget. How many times have you dusted off a journal that you started at the beginning of the year? And how many more have you felt disappointed in yourself for not following through with those steps?

You are not alone in your experience of setting goals that do not have a clear path or proper support to get you to the finish line.

Who should work with a life coach?

One of the many exciting things about working with a life coach is that no one person is alone in their relative struggles to achieve and accomplish things beyond their wildest dreams. Anyone can benefit from a life coach.

Even the most organized, happiest person that you know has areas for improvement and/or growth.

What a typical client looks like

Every single person is unique in their human experience. There is no one who has your duplicate blueprint, and because of this, the face of a typical client can change in an instant.

Maybe you were furloughed during the pandemic, or maybe you’re going through a difficult life change. Regardless of where your challenges stem from, you are worthy of clarity and to notice your own resilience in your accomplishments. Each unique voice, thoughts and dreams have a place to be celebrated in this life!

Signs you may need a life coach

You may be a great candidate for a life coach at this intersection in your life if you are falling behind both personally, professionally and struggling to identify what steps can help you get back on track.

Whole Person Coaching with Lynle Hawkins-Struble

Radical acceptance of the difficult moments that life throws at us affords us understanding and a level of self-compassion that has been lost, or never fostered to begin with.

Reclaim your personal power

With the core principles of wholeness, empowerment, interdependence and self-mastery, you can count on me to bear witness to your shifting mindset, developing trust within yourself and eliminating other people's expectations as you learn to trust your own process.

A holistic approach to life coaching

Together we can fine-tune your strengths. I will walk alongside you as you identify and implement the confidence that will help you learn to live in harmony with your true self. If you’re ready to offer yourself the kindness you deserve, connect with me to schedule your first appointment.


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