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Cultivate Your Life Management Skills

Picture yourself helping yourself move a heavy armoire up a narrow flight of stairs. Both versions of you are attempting to accomplish the same goal: get the armoire safely into the apartment. At one point the tired, frustrated version of you sets their side down.

You’re now left with an impossible task; do you drag it up the stairs on your own? Risking safety and burn out? Or do you give up on all of it, set it down, and walk away? Life presents a myriad of challenges at some very inconvenient moments. Seeking guidance from a life coach to help with life management is one of the most noble and brave things a person can do for themselves.

What is life management?

Life management is exactly what it sounds like. It is the acknowledgement of the organized chaos in your life, and the ability to reel it in without harm. There are challenges that feel impossible to overcome, and without the right support, you might be right about that.

Life management is meeting your basic needs, doing your best to stay grounded, creating time for self-care and self kindness, and pulling your weight at work and within your relationships.

What are life management skills?

Every single person has a unique skill set that they feel particularly versed in. The hope in a life management “tool kit” is to become familiar with what you need and how to cope with the challenges of attaining those needs. Life management skills are everything from knowing how to navigate conflict-resolution to acknowledging your personal responsibilities and asking for help should you find yourself in an impossible situation.

Planning, delegation, identifying and setting boundaries are just a couple of day-to-day life management skills that everyone needs in order to live a fulfilling life.

Practicing life management skills

Practicing life management skills can be an enormous stress point. So often we find ourselves getting wrapped up in taking care of everyone else’s needs that we forget that we can’t pour from an empty cup. With a coach to guide you through, you’ll be able to resource as problems arise.

What are stress management tips to separate your personal life from your professional duties?

Boundaries are just one of the many core skills necessary to manage life at its best and worst. In the midst of an economic crisis, it may be challenging to find a work/life balance. The work/life balance isn’t hidden on a treasure map and it’s not something you actively seek out. It is something that must be created from scratch. With the right guidance, learning how to set and honor boundaries between your work and life at home will feel far more attainable than attempting it by yourself.

Why is life management important?

Part of personal growth and development is refining your day-to-day living to create better habits that actually serve your needs. Taking stock of this will help you determine what to take ownership of and how to accomplish the goals you've set for yourself.

What life skill is closely related to stress management?

There are plenty of stress management skills that coincide with life skills. In fact, stress management skills are life skills. More specifically learning how to reach a state of equilibrium through exercise, proper nutrition, relaxation techniques and having guidance throughout.

Time management is important in life

So much of our stress stems from the illusion of not having enough time. The truth is that if you structure your time effectively, you might notice that you are discovering more hours in the day than you were previously. knowing how to manage your time can save you energy, money and other resources.

How to tie it all together

Developing these practices may seem straightforward and reachable, but in practice, it can be a little more nuanced and tough to kickstart. Tying your life management skills together isn’t as easy as wrapping a new present. It takes time, support and resilience, which are all precious resources.

Consider building a team for your own life management

Humans are magnificent. We are built with the capacity to withstand difficult experiences and overcome them, but no one should navigate those tough moments alone. Humans are tribal creatures, and we thrive with community and support.

Design Clarity can help

Everyone needs a helping hand at one point or another. Some may even find a helping hand to be a lifelong resource and partnership. If you’re ready to begin your guided journey, connect with my website. I am so looking forward to helping you learn how to become your own best resource.


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