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How to Be More Decisive

Are you exhausted from what feels like doing absolutely nothing? You’re one of the millions of people who may be navigating decision fatigue. Decision fatigue impacts our daily lives considerably when we’re running out of time, and space and have to think quickly to act.

Decision fatigue can affect things as simple as picking out what clothes to wear or catching the ripple seeping into your relationships. Acknowledging that indecisiveness exists in the first place is the key to unlocking and expanding your ability to choose.

How to be a more decisive person

There are so many routes we can take to get to where we want to be. Some are paved, and others can be quite rocky. Taking the time to amplify your needs can help you curate a better understanding of how to meet your choices where they are.

Take emotional inventory

We know that we can’t pour from an empty cup. But getting ahead of the low fill line is where the magic happens. When you give yourself time to take stock of your emotional availability, and capacity for helping yourself and others, you make an investment.

That investment is a commitment to helping your best self peek through to the other side. The side where your bandwidth reaches just a bit farther to keep you in the maintenance stage.

Take a pause

Slow it down. We spend most of our time running relentlessly to make it all happen. You may be in a leadership role, own your own business, or are building a foundation from the ground up. Taking a pause can give you time to experience stillness and process your day-to-day.

Ask for help

One of the most challenging areas of becoming more decisive is knowing when to ask for help. No one is immune to support. We not only passively crave support and community, but it is an essential need to survive. Delegation, feedback, and a solid team are all crucial moving parts of learning how to become more effective when making decisions.

How to be more decisive in a relationship

Relationships are hard work, and as much as they are meaningful and fruitful in many ways–they can also be turbulent, requiring an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Becoming more decisive in a relationship also requires effective communication and decision-making. It is an essential piece of learning how to be in partnership with your significant other. And outside of intimate relationships, learning how to be connected with others requires a similar ability to step outside of your comfort zone and begin building trust and confidence within yourself.

State your intention

As you navigate this new terrain of positively reinforcing your decisive behaviors, stating your intention can help you weed out cloudy thought loops and solidify your commitments. An intention is more fluid than a goal. It creates space for multiple outcomes, and as long as you stick to that intention, you can work with a series of varying results.

Affirm and reinforce

When we affirm anything inside of a relationship, it resonates. As humans, one of our many great features is the ability to validate and provide empathy where and when it is needed most. You may not think this is part of being a more decisive person, but these basic needs are profoundly important.

How to be more decisive in the workplace

Our careers provide the purpose and stability we need to thrive. When we’re facing indecision at work, it bleeds into all areas of our progress. If you’re wondering how to overcome indecision in your role, here are a couple of tips that can help you make up your mind and prime your brain for better decision-making.

Know your role

The key to healthy and effective decision-making is knowing inside and out what decisions you’ll need to make. The other piece comes from understanding your role. If you’re in a leadership position, a tangible way to measure this could be sitting down to look at what can be delegated to your staff and what responsibilities remain, something only you can do. Defining these areas will foster quick decision-making and help you learn how to overcome indecision.

The key to better decision making

Offering support to yourself sometimes looks like accepting guidance from outside resources. If you’re ready to take the plunge, consider diving into coaching. Letting your life coach help you identify areas for growth and development is a core part of better decision-making, but it all begins and ends with you.


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