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Meet Lynle

Certified Whole Person Coach


My Mission: As a coach I encourage and support your journey in gaining clarity and insight, feeling connected to self and others and designing an empowered life that draws on your inner strengths, wisdom and resources so that you may boldly pursue your dreams and be the bright, sparkling star you were meant to be.

I have a passion for creating well-being in people’s lives, “designing clarity”. As a professional NCIDQ certified interior designer, with 29 years of experience, I brought my passion for creating residential interiors that nurtured my client’s sense of peace, relaxation, inspiration, creativity, connection, and safe space so they could expand to their fullest potential.


I realized that I wanted to do this on a more personal and direct level so I evolved into Life Coaching. I take my passion for encouraging people to live the life of their choosing rather than what society, family, friends, or others chose for them.


I believe strongly in reclaiming your personal power. From there you can achieve anything!

For a more detailed, personal story of my transition from designer to coach, please read my 1st blog.

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